Sunday, April 9, 2017

panic button

our current project now enter to eight month but nothing happened.

we still struggle to start physically. Approval of site and drawings still outstanding.

My normal experiance all issue above always resolve within four month after contractor enter site. Until now no panic button really been pressed.

My conclusion, leadership to drive the project to achive objective are most important. Until then, everybody will move within their own territory.

I feel miserabble and sick to wait for all this.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


survey works are important element in any projects.

be it before design stage, during designing, after contractor entering site, during construction and after completion.

we always have problems when we start work. its more complicated when we have many designer and contractors within one package. Luckily we have only one licened survey.

all survey works must accordance to malaysian jabatan ukur JUPM data.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

starting project

we had enter second month on this project since 29th august 2016.

Starting projects always not an easy things. Furthermore when we are on joint venture which this is first time we are going to implement consolidate joint execution of project. Our first joint venture was being handover to one partner to execute.

First joint venture agreement which need to agree and give to client. Next was agreement how to separate the builders work. Which partner want to do this and that and equivalent to partner equity. This matter i found was very tiring exercise which finally took almost two months to resolve!!!

Next was finding contractor and consultant site office. It made worst when we had no area to construct site office and to settle with rental building along 2 kilometer of our site. And consultant show their 'lancy' not to accept our proposal.

After settle with location, now to arrange renovations, table, chairs and others equipments to made our site office a better place to work.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Practical training

Practical training is a must for engineering degree course.

During my study at UKM, our practical to be done during third year second semester.  Each students will be sent to engineering company selected by university.  During my time, two students for each company.  Most of companies are civil engineering consultant.

My friend, suntara and i was send to geotechnical consultant firm in Subang Jaya, GEA sdn bhd. 

We stay at ukm medical campus at kampung baru dan had to take bus every day to subang jaya.  We had to go out as early after suboh prayers to catch bus. Coming back from was more difficult as  Subang jaya at that time was very difficult and remote place not like today. If we miss bus, we had to wait for longer time. Later I bring back my motorcycle to commute from kl to subang.  Later I move to shah alam rent room with my office mate.

Last two months of training we was send to site office.  There was few engineers and supervisor which one of them I meet later when I start work at ipoh plus highway.
We learn so many things at site and one incident involving using mackintosh probe which I remember until today.
Mr resident engineer want us to carry out probe at filling area which we not aware that how hard was the compaction was. Normally mac probe was done at new or undisturbed area. After few hours hammering the probe, we cannot pull out the rod and had to call backhoe to help.

Actually what they done at Sime Uep was a controlled filling which newly implemented in the country.  This technique will allow immediate construction of house upon filling earth completed. Filling needed to filled at controlled thickness and testing will be carried out each layer.

Friday, August 19, 2016


After almost than six month prepare, submit and lobby two most prestigious elevated bridge, we finally secure one package at ampang site.
From five tender submitted, three been shortlisted which one was the lowest amount among tenderes and the other two being selected due to technical proposal.
Now enter another interesting phase where we are working how to run and manage project as joint venture at 70:30 share portion.
This is the first time I will involved from start to form jv at site and manage together.
Previously my involvement was either the majority control everything or under minority which been given less portion.

Next month will be very interesting and tricky situation. 
Even now I already feeling the heat.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This is another my favourite photo.

First excavation without proper shoring and safety marker.
Make the matter worst, the sand was sandy type. Difficult to handle, easier to collapse and danger to workers inside the pit.

secondly why excavation been done near road/
Actually this excavation been done to locate the actual damage of sewerage pipe after testing failed. During excavation, we found that sewer pipe is broken and need to be replaced.

Why broken?
Difficult to establish why it broken. maybe because its alignment was swing towards road area and affected by compaction during road construction.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


One photo when you didint handle properly slope . It made worst when soil was sandy type.
Even turfing was not been able to prevent erosion.

Roof leaking

Roof leaking or damage can  happened when we just complete a buildings.

It might happened few days after its had been installed or after sometime or after it experiance heavy rain and wind.

For above case, damage happened after all services been installed.
The frame for ceiling was not good enough to hold anythings attached to it. It might be ceiling itself or lamps or any ducting fix to frame or any water pipe running just above it.
Poor M &E and C&S consultant and architect didint coordinate properly to check weight or anythings attached to ceiling.

Thre are cases ceiling board didint clip to frame and it will blown away after heavy rain with strong wind.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


This photo show how poor our supervision team. Again it was workers that decide the outcome of product and this is what happened. What made me mad with my supervisor was he still accept this shoddy work and still think it was right to do so. The socket arrangement show that they not event border to use any tools to make the arrangement of socket nice and neat.

senget = tilt ( in malay language )

Monday, April 25, 2016

earth cutting

Cutting of earth or hills are one of important element in construction of highway or in above photo, railway track.
Earth or suitable material use to fill at excavated area which above ground water level and building of embankment.
Proper filling of earth or suitable materials called controlled filling which mean thickness of fill specified and compaction to be done using certain weight of machine such as roller with vibration. Density test to be carried out every thickness of filling. Normally filling height recomended are 300mm and roller must be with vibration.
Cutting of hills will involved cut of top soil, earth or rock.
As i involved in photo above, top soil are more than 100mm thick. when we carried out test for earth materials, it didnt pass to be suitable material for filling and we had to dump somewhere and it was costly for contractors as rate are normally very low.
For rock or hard materials, we had to arrange rock blaster to remove it for embankment. Process fro blasting more tedious since it involve dynamite which are controlled item which we need special permit to get it. Blater also must be a qualified with authorities.

And lastly dont forget to carry out surface drain silmutanously when cutting operation been carried out.