Friday, September 29, 2017

When nature give a lesson

Our recent flash flood had exposed few things.
Besides no regular maintainance on silt trap, silt fence and earth drain, outflow pipe also not installed properly as photo shown.
Look the way pipe was construct, the constructor and supervisor dont care weather it will function or not.
For them, work had completed and they dont bother what will happened next.
Yesteday nature had give us very good and costly lesson.

Wake up guys !!!!@

Flash flood

Construction area for highway construction always exposed to flash flood. It will become news if any of houses nearby affected by flood.
Contractor must have team to manage this and we had experiance this week.
This time during september and december in malaysia was monsoon season and it can be fatal to construction team if it not been handle properly.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Keciknya dunia

Hari ni pergi kenduri x-bumihiway Halim Saleh.
Dia pernah transit Di Gebeng selepas siap project Di serawak. Selepas sebulan dua Di Gebeng, dia ke project Gong Kedak ganti kapten.
Begitu keciknya dunia construction Di Malaya, sekarang anak dia Yang kahwin Hari ni berkerja Di project site ampang sekarang ni.

Dulu bapak nya bos, sekarang Aku Bo's anaknya.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fresh engineer

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cerita dua Orang fresh enginiar

Hari ni teringat cerita dengan dua orang fresh enginiar Di Gebeng iaitu azmel Dan ridwan.
Keduanya Di bekalkan oleh company motosikal.
Entah kenapa dua Orang tu, keduanya langsung tak sentuh Moto. Elok ja parking Dalam lab mat zin.
Si azmel ni bila nak pergi site selalu tunggu Dan tumpang sapa2 Yang nak ke site. Kadang2 tumpang orang Fenki. Manakala si ridwan pulak guna kereta sendiri bila ke site.
Satu hari Abang Bhai panggil Aku Dan Tanya, kenapa dua fresh engineer tu selalu Ada Di office Dan tak guna Moto pergi site?
Aku jawap, saya pun tak tau tapi dah suruh Dan depa tak mau jugak.Kau panggil diaorang tengahari Hari ni, Kita jumpa.
Bila jumpa, macam 2 lah depa dua taici nak justified tak mau Naik Moto ke site.
Last sekali dia Tanya Aku, Kau dulu start kerja Naik apa? Aku jawab, motolah. Apalagi untuk fresh2 ni. Takan nak Naik Jimmy pulak.
Dia pun belasah dua2 enginiar tu.
Lepas ni Aku tak nak tengok korang Di office lagi. Macamana Kau nak ke site, Aku tak tau.
Tapi korang mesti bertanding dengan Moto ni.
Dulu sebelum tu masa Di company percon Corporation, project manager Aku dengan bengang nya keluar interview sorang fresh enginiar terus jumpa Dan bagitau Aku, gila betul enginiar tu. Ada Ka minta pajero dengan Aku nak pi site. Terok betul. Korang pun bawak jeep Jimny Saja.
Apa Komen korang sekarang ni?


Today 22.9.2017, we finally start bore hole first point at median of the road.
It was very long process and journey which sometimes us frustrated.

But that the reality of life during project execution. Not all plan happened smoothly.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blaming game

This photo show reality at site projects.
Site team especially site engineer will be blame if anything goes wrong.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Poor premix work

Performance of premix patching by services contractor never improved since i start working 30 years ago.

They still lack of knowledge and skills workers to carry out the work. Even worse when premix send to site already cold and surely it wont be good when we compact with small plate compactor.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

you are fired.

when projects  not run wells, change of person in-charge are immenient.

people left job or project with certain reason but when things not run smmothly or person become stumbling block, he will be removed.

i have seen before and  seen here again.

This project had gone one third of period already but progress was merely below ten persen. We had seen chief resident engineer, project managers been removed from their position. Even consultant also not save. Every layer are doing overhauling. Its unfortunate for certain people that fall into the above category.

hope the latest victim survived and project going to fly.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

panic button

our current project now enter to eight month but nothing happened.

we still struggle to start physically. Approval of site and drawings still outstanding.

My normal experiance all issue above always resolve within four month after contractor enter site. Until now no panic button really been pressed.

My conclusion, leadership to drive the project to achive objective are most important. Until then, everybody will move within their own territory.

I feel miserabble and sick to wait for all this.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


survey works are important element in any projects.

be it before design stage, during designing, after contractor entering site, during construction and after completion.

we always have problems when we start work. its more complicated when we have many designer and contractors within one package. Luckily we have only one licened survey.

all survey works must accordance to malaysian jabatan ukur JUPM data.